Traffic Services

Summit Land Management offers professional traffic engineering services led by Paul Basha, PE, PTOE. Mr. Basha has 45 years of experience in Traffic Engineering, with 35 of those years in Arizona. Half of his career has been as a consultant and half in the public sector. His specialty is innovative traffic operations that improve safety and efficiency.

As a consultant, Paul has performed traffic impact and mitigation analyses for more than 175 proposed developments, and parking analyses for more than 40 existing and proposed sites. His past clients include Fulton Homes, Circle G, Porchlight Homes, Mark-Taylor, QuikTrip, Circle K, Harvard Investments, American Furniture Warehouse, HonorHealth, Kitchell Development, Property Reserve, Ice Den, Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility, Tutor Time, and numerous charter schools.

An example of Paul’s traffic impact analyses is the Whole Foods Market in the northwest corner of Ash Avenue and University Drive in Tempe which opened in November 2019. When the grocery store and multi-family project was first conceived, the surrounding residential neighborhoods and the City Council were highly supportive as no grocery stores existed within two miles to the east and south, and much further to the north and west. However, as the rezoning effort progressed, some residential neighbors became opposed to the commercial development. Some expressed concern about the proximity of access to the congested Ash / University intersection. Grocery stores further than two miles distant feared the competition. Some councilpeople reflected the residents and competitors’ concerns. Paul, the rezoning attorney, and the developer strategized a response to the opposition. Instrumental to the strategy was a simple aerial photograph developed by Paul that clearly revealed the absence of vicinity grocery stores. Also instrumental was an access plan developed by Paul that was compatible with the adjacent high-volume Ash / University intersection. The rezoning was approved on 7 July 2006.

Paul has a distinctive reputation for his thorough analyses and ability to solve complicated transportation safety and efficiency problems. He has been a valuable resource analyzing and solving transportation problems for numerous municipalities including Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Surprise, Carefree, and Scottsdale.

With the addition of Paul, Summit Land Management provides traffic impact analyses for proposed developments and the full range of traffic studies for public agencies.

Summit Land Management transportation services now include:

  • Traffic Operation Studies
  • Level-of-Service Analyses
  • Traffic Signal Timing and Coordination Analyses and Plans
  • Collision Analyses and Prevention
  • Speed Limit Determination
  • Intersection and Alignment Sight Distance Analyses and Improvements
  • Traffic Calming Analyses and Planning
  • School Circulation Planning and Improvements
  • Parking Studies
  • Traffic Impact Analyses
  • Bus Route Planning
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Analyses and Planning
  • Traffic Volume Forecasting
  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Engineering Expert Witness Analysis and Testimony
  • Offering highly skilled 3D modeling using many different softwares, including Rhino, Grasshopper, Blender and 3Dsmax

  • Providing 3D renderings and Virtual tours of Web3 properties

  • Parametric 3D models and Generative Design, using coding and algorithms to generate responsive 3D models- automating urban planning and design

  • Capable of designing and creating VR experiences, mostly used to immerse a client into its future building or on the metaverse 

  • Creation of NFT collections, built an algorithm capable of setting up thousands of different 3D space configurations, and can build VR experiences from these 3D models

  • Design and Build out of any metaverse experience, including buildings, tokens, event venues, and even creation of games

  • Full service wedding and event planning/implementation, including invitations, NFT favors, etc.

  • Uses 3D and design skills to create 3D spatial experiences and deploy them into different Metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland, Sandbox and Somnium Space, among others